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Rich Spindel, Creative Director
The study curriculum for industrial designers in today’s universities is increasingly one of research, branding and GUIs… and not how to actually create a real world product.

Where does this leave a client who needs a “traditional” industrial designer who understands what it takes to create a beautiful, brand-worthy product and get it through manufacturing?

At Spindel Design, of course, in the able hands of Rich Spindel.

After a UC Berkeley degree and subsequent work as an Ecosystemologist, Rich met  visionary design educator Herb Tyrnauer at Cal State Long Beach and decided to study Industrial Design under Herb and Mike Kammermeyer, graduating with a BS Industrial Design. He worked for several of the most prominent Los Angeles area design studios, and launched Spindel Design in 1990, as a consultant to Dolby Labs, Gibson Audio Labs, Oberheim ECC and Marantz Stereo.

Within a few years, Rich was the most in-demand designer of mobile entertainment products in the USA. Subsequent work followed in pro audio, performance products, industrial equipment, and medical products. There are very few product areas in which Rich has not worked.  He’s received numerous CES design awards for networked audio, IoT, mobile sound and video monitoring cameras.

What gets him excited? Is it finding yet another way to find a visual expression for a product? Is it engineering the most elegant, easily manufactured plastic part? Or is it creating applied graphics or engraved patterning that enhance the surface of a product? It’s all of those.

Talk to him about it. Give him a call for a free consultation.

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